Please pay these amounts in Euro as stated below



Registration Fee(per applicant, including fee for AIC (41.00EUR) for the recognition of diplomas)

EUR 100.00

State fee for legalization of documents (per document)

EUR 15.00

State fee of examination the documents applied for residence permit (per applicant)

Within 30 calendar  days - EUR 72

Within 10 working days - EUR 215

Within 5 working days - EUR 356

Visa (Type D) application fee (per applicant):

(to be received after positive CMAO decision)


EUR 60.00

Study Fee for the 1st study year (per applicant):


Bachelor study programmes

Business Management

3 years

EUR 2400

Business Administration with Specialization in Tourism Management

4 years

EUR 2400

Master study programmes

Management Science

1-2 years

EUR 2400

Financial Management

2 years

EUR 2400

Career Counselor

2 years

EUR 2400

Computer Systems

2 years

EUR 2400

Information Systems of Electronic Commerce

2 years

EUR 2400

Laser Technology

2 years

EUR 2400

Doctoral study programmes

Education Sciences (3 years)

EUR 3250

Environmental Engineering (3 years)

EUR 3250

Economics and Business (3 years)

EUR 4550

Dormitory fee payment (per person, for 2 months, to be paid before arrival)

One bed in a triple room (EUR 70.00 per month per person)

One bed in double room (EUR 80.00 per month per person)





Safety deposit

(per person, to be paid before arrival, to be returned after end of studies, amount of safety deposit differ for countries of application)

EUR 500.00

The official letter should be sent to Rezekne Academy of Technologies along with the payment indicating the following information:

  • date and purpose of payment
  • names of applicants the payment refers to
  • amount transferred for each applicant
  • total amount transferred
  • number and other details of bank transfer

The transferred amount should be exempt of bank charges for transfer.

The payment should be made to the following bank account:


Registration No: 90000011588
Address: Atbrīvošanasaleja115, Rēzekne, Latvija
State Treasury, code TRELLV22
Account No. LV73TREL9150183038000


Account for payments for education services, statements and diploma covers 




Bank Code: HABALV22

Account: LV70HABA0551029769415


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