The Science Council


Angelika Juško – Štekele – vice-rector for studies and science


Iveta Mietule – rector

Antra Kļavinska – Head of Science Department

Jānis Dzerviniks – Dean of the Faculty of Education, Languages, and Design

Ērika Teirumnieka –Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Iluta Arbidāne – Acting Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management

Velta Ļubkina –  head of the Research Institute for Regional Studies (REGI)

Lienīte Litavniece – Head of Project Management and Technology Transfer Сontact Poin

Anda Zvaigzne – Acting Director of Research Institute for Business and Social Processes

Sergejs Kodors –  Acting Director of Institute of Engineering

Ilze Švirkste – Head of the RTA Library

Pāvels Cacivkins – Head of Academic and Scientific Department of RTA Student Council

Scientific fields 

  1. Mechanical engineering, metal treatment, machinery engineering, and material science.
  2. Information and communication technologies, computer science.
  3. Smart energy and use of local renewable resources.
  4. Service businesses, including hospitality and tourism industry.
  5. Regionalistics, including creative and culture industry, in conservation and transformation of Latgalian language and traditions according to the needs of today`s life. 
  6. Social welfare and rehabilitation technology and human security.
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