Collaboration with the leading universities of Kazakhstan

Thursday, 18. january, 2018
During the 2016-2017 academic study year Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) has signed collaboration agreements with two universities of Kazahstan: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU) is one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan: there are seven scientific research institutes, science and technology park; 14 faculties with more than 18, 000 students studying 81 bachelor`s, master`s and doctoral programmes. The university participates extensively in international collaboration and has put in place collaboration agreements with more than 400 universities from 25 countries. Grants of academic mobility provide the possibility for graduate students to train and carry out scientific research with partner universities (for further information see /).

Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts (KazNAA) is a renewed fine arts school, which actively implements creative and scientific projects. Bachelor's, master’s and doctoral degree programs of theatre, musical arts, choreography, film, TV and art criticism, painting, sculpture, design and decorative applied art are administered by six faculties. The academy is actively involved in international academic exchange, in cooperation with the EU, the CIS and other universities around the world (for further information see ).

Having begun collaboration with the above mentioned universities, RTA Centre for Lifelong Learning has prepared and implemented training programmes for graduate students. For two months (11.07.2016. - 07.01.2017.) four KazNAA art history and sculpture specialty students (Talgat Abdildayev, Aibek Nurbekov, Orynkhan Rakhimbekov, and Nursultan Zhumyr) participated in a number of courses: “Tendencies of Modern and Contemporary design trends” (Mg. design, Mg. art, Mg. paed. Diāna Apele), “Project Planning and Management” (Dr. oec. Sandra Ežmale), and “Leadership Management” (Dr. oec.  Iluta Arbidāne). While KazNU social pedagogy specialist postgraduate students (Zhadyra Dautova and Gulsan Iskakova) arrived for a 10-day (17.01.2017. – 27.01.2017.) internship programme “Social pedagogue competence development in research and practice” (Dr. paed. Velta Ļubkina, Mg. paed. Aloida Jurčenko, Dr. paed. Svetlana Ušča, and Dr. paed. Aivars Kaupužs). Postgraduates of Kazakhstan had the opportunity not only to participate in the classes and consult with the RTA leading professors, but also to go on many field trips in Rezekne, Riga, Jurmala, and Daugavpils, meet with the industry professionals, and were actively involved in student activities hosted by RTA. Kazakhstan students are welcomed by the established programme content, course and teaching staff competence.

Orynkhan Rakhimbekov (KazNMA)

"During the whole study process I have never been bored. I was always busy. Trips, meetings, attractions, delicious food, music and many other interesting things. It was amazing! The studies went on according to a plan. I couldn’t imagine that I would learn so much in such a short period of time. We even had a chance to meet esteemed people, experts of their field. We had the chance not only to learn something technically, but also develop our creative skills. In addition, we had the opportunity to enrich our knowledge about Latgalian (Baltic) art. Our lecturers were the best! We had a lovely experience. We hope that we will be able to visit this wonderful land again! Thank you all! Honestly, we are very grateful to lecturers of academy, administration, supervisors and everybody who was involved!"


Zhadyra Dautova (KazNU)

"Every lecture was very valuable, expertise and professionalism of the professors was on a high level. The group of lecturers consisted only of experienced, active professors, who presented at international conferences and whose scientific works are actively used in Rezekne Academy of Technologies. New approaches, methods, techniques and technologies, which are used in research were a treasure trove and in Latvia these treasures were given right to me. The experience, which I have gained here I will use and introduce in my motherland. There was never a moment when I regretted the choice of university for my scientific-practical competence development. I recommend Rezekne Academy of Technologies as a benchmark of international cooperation for European institutions of higher education."

 RTA lecturers have also highly appreciated the purposefulness, interest, the openness to innovations, and creativity of the Kazakh students. Our students and lecturers had an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge, and to get to know the culture of Kazakhstan. For example, KazNMA students creatively presented the culture of their country during an Erasmus+ event and the Christmas concert, and participated in activities of an international conference “Art and Music in Culture Discourse”. Further cooperation with the universities of Kazakhstan is oriented on a new traineeship programme for the preparation of the summer school organisation, and there are plans to hold joint conferences, creative work exhibitions, and conduct joint international projects and research.


 RTA Centre for Lifelong Learning

International lifelong learning project coordinator Antra Kļavinska,

 Photo by Orinhan Rahimbekov and Zhadyra Dautova

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