Diplomas and diploma supplements

A diploma of higher education is a state-recognized education document certifying the higher education acquired by its holder after the completion of an internationally- accredited study programme corresponding to a certain level of higher education.

The Diploma Supplement is produced according to standards agreed by the European Commission, The Council of Europe, educational, science and culture organization of the United Nations (UNESCO/ CEPES). It provides objective information and ensures academic and professional recognition of the degree in Latvia and abroad.

The Diploma Supplement provides a standardized description of the nature, level, content and status of the studies completed by its holder.

Diploma supplements in Latvian and English are issued to every graduate of Rezekne Academy of Technologies free of charge.

On 3 June 2014, six Latvian higher education institutions received prestigious recognition labels of the European Commission at the award ceremony organized by the State Education Development Agency (SEDA; VIAA in Latvian). For the first time in Latvia, the recognition label of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) was awarded to BA School of Business and Finance, while five higher education institutions - Latvian Christian Academy, EKA University of Applied Sciences, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Rezekne Higher Education Institution (Rēzeknes Augstskola  in Latvian), and Riga Technical University - were awarded Diploma Supplement (DS) Label.

The Diploma Supplement Label was awarded to Rezekne Higher Education Institution from 2013 to 2016.

The European Commission (EC) awarded recognition labels to European higher education institutions for excellence in the use of ECTS and DS. ECTS helps in development of study programmes, makes study programmes and qualifications more transparent, boosts the recognition of study results and qualifications as well as renders qualifications and programmes of study more easily comparable between countries across Europe.

The Diploma Supplement is a document accompanying a higher education diploma providing a standardised description of the acquired study programme and results. It provides thorough, easily comprehensible, and comparable information.

A list with approved ECTS/DS applications is available at: https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/sites/eacea-site/files/final-list-of-ds-renewal-successful-applications.pdf


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