Commercialisation offers

   Institute of Engineering   

Installation, adjustment, maintenance of laser systems, advice on the choice of laser systems.

Fuel quality research– research of qualitative factors of biomass fuels – wood or other biomass pellets, chips (moisture, ash content, calorific value, bulk density, diameter, tolerance to transportation). Processing of experiment results, interpretation, preparation of recommendations.

Training courses in programming and parameterisation of CNC equipment (lathe, milling machine) – courses are designed to meet the requirements of participants and according to their prior knowledge. Course content is agreed with the customer.

SolidWorks training courses – the courses are designed to meet the requirements of participants and according to their prior knowledge. Course content is agreed with the customer.

Testing the mechanical properties of materials – tensile strength, compression limit, bending strength, hardness and other tests.

Training in PLC programming, basics – configuring and programming PLC Siemens S7-300 (basics); Sinamics G110 inverter programming; PLC Siemens S7-300 with the analog/digital I/O, use and programming for automatic control of mechatronic machines, including temperature measuring, speed control of engine`s rotation speed, operation of Festo MPS (Modular Production System) stations.

Training courses “Textile Materials, Clothing Designing and Technology”- the courses are designed to meet the requirements of participants and according to their prior knowledge. Course content is agreed with the customer.

Designing of functional clothing and preparation of technical documentation (technical specifications), advice on preparation of tender documents – the design and technical specifications of functional clothing are designed according to the customer`s requests, advice on preparation of tender documentation is provided.

Development of publicly assessable systems for publishers of academic journals and conference materials – on the web site, the system developed by Rezekne Academy of Technologies can be found. On the client`s request, a publicly accessible system for publishing of journals and conference materials are developed.

Aerolaser scanning data processing for the update of building cadastre – the maps of buildings are generated from aerolaser scanning data.

Based on own experience, the Contact Point carries out research in accordance with the field of scientific activity. Excel, SPSS and other programmes are used for the evaluation of the data. The Contact Point carries out research on various regional issues, such as, business development, quality issues in different economic sectors (tourism, catering, education, transport, etc.), attractiveness of small towns, enhancing the quality of life of rural population, possibilities to diversify entrepreneurship etc. Research according to the parameters set by the client is carried out.


   Research Institute for Business and Social Processes   

Security of the EU`s external border, internal security of Latvia –offer tools for improving the functioning of the EU`s external border institute; develop proposals for improving regulations; promote the professionalism and capacity of law enforcement officials.

Media monitoring and analysis - summary and analysis of the publicity and information of a particular sector or service in media.

Media consumption – studies on media consumption across different audiences and age groups.

Promoting media literacy – training in media literacy; seminars.

Media content creation – the service provides the development of different genre messages about products, services or businesses. It is offered as a one-time or long-term service.

Brand image creation

Assessment of brand image –a brand is an element of the visual identity of a product or business; it can be a name, designation, sign, symbol, design, or a set of these elements that distinguish a particular product or business from its competitors. Brand image for consumers relates to certain product or business values, strengths and weaknesses, visibility, consumer knowledge, experience or loyalty, purchasing benefits. The brand makes it easier to compete by helping to stand out in the market and attract shoppers' attention.

Exploring the competitors and their products - continuous exploration and monitoring of the market and competitors is an opportunity for an enterprise to collect and analyse information on particular sectors, markets and competitors based on which decisions can be taken on the course of a company's development. Aware of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, companies have the opportunity to boost their product value, respond to changes in the market and customers' expectations, increase the competitiveness of their business and products. Adjustment of psychoemotional state under the impact of multisensory environment - a multisensory environment is created in an equipped room that effects hearing, visual, tactile and scent feelings. In the room, sensory stimuli stimulate the activation of certain feelings which, according to the mode of action, activate or relax the overall psychoemotional state. Spatial arrangements and impact methodologies promote the acquisition of self-regulatory processes. Basic principles of Snoezelen therapy are used.


   Research Institute for Regional Studies    

Studies on the introducing of the competencies and content of consumer education in a general education school.

Pedagogical and social research; supervising, reviewing of doctoral theses. Carrying out research according to the needs of the institution and organization. Consulting on project development methodology and implementation - conducting and advising on research work within the framework of doctoral theses; Research design, questionnaire development, data processing in SPSS and AQUAD software, interpretation of results.

Study on linguistic diversity and intercultural interaction – study on citizens' language skills and linguistic attitudes. Study on the use of languages, culture and other semiotic signs in the urban linguistic landscape. Drawing up of recommendations for the development of tourism and cultural industry.

Research in the field of design education; Graphic design (development of infographics).

Social pedagogy and social rehabilitation, development of social rehabilitation programmes, consultations on the development of individual programmes – individual needs assessment, choice of appropriate technologies, methodologies, timing, evaluation of dynamics.

Stabilometry - stabilometry is a method of measuring postural equilibrium with a computerized device. The high precision stabilometric platform records the movement of the centre of gravity within the support area. The device integrates three standardized testing protocols and seven equilibrium development programmes. The device can store the acquired data allowing to follow the dynamics of changes in the equilibrium parameters.

Dynamometry – dynamometry is a method of measuring muscular strength with a computerized device. The high-precision isokinetic dynamometer is able to determine the neuromuscular parameters of the joint under investigation: movement speed, maximum strength, average strength during the test, muscle fatigue during the test. The device is capable of testing the largest limb joints (wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip) in various modes of motion (10-300 degrees / sec) and performance (isokinetic, isometric, isotonic). The machine can also create muscle-building protocols.

Language policy planning in municipalities and other institutions - case studies (practical use of languages, issues), development of language management strategy and recommendations for implementation.

Planning of language education policy - case studies in educational institutions, micro-level planning of language education policy and development of recommendations.

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