Arhīvs: EU Lifelong learning project EduSenior project “Evaluation Toolkit on Seniors Education to Improve Their Quality of Life”

Projekta darbības laiks: 01.11.2011 - 01.10.2013 | Finansējums, EUR: 278340

The EduSenior project aims to improve the quality of educational institutions that are currently offering courses and activities aimed at senior learners (retired from labour market, usually 65+), or would like to introduce learning activity for this group.

Aim and objectives

To offer a scientific framework for the relationship between education and QoL amongst the elderly, on how educational activities can increase senior citizens' QoL and how this educational activity can be assessed.

To increase the skills of staff, specialists and teachers working in education for senior citizens by providing a useful guide with theoretical (justified and necessary background) and also practical (easily transferrable) concepts, together with an evaluation tool based on quality indicators providing recommendations

To have a positive impact on seniors' lives through education, by increasing the quality of activities offered by educational institutions working with seniors.

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