Arhīvs: Researchers` Night

Projekta darbības laiks: 01.09.2007 -

Researchers’ Night is a science event that makes science and the work of scientists familiar to audiences. It aims to answer people’s questions about science and research and to lead to new questions and answers. Over the course of the day and throughout the night, children, adolescents, adults, and older people can get to know more about science through workshops, meetings with researchers, lectures and laboratory visits.

The project is supported by EC and realized by joint efforts of Latvian Council of Science, Latvian higher education institutions, and scientific institutes.

The goal of the project

The objective of the project is to raise the awareness of the larger public, especially young people, about science as well as to familiarize them with the scientist’s profession; to show the impact of sciences such as natural sciences, social sciences and humanities on everyday human life; to bring researchers closer to the Latvian society and to raise the interest of young people about research. Aim of the activities is to enhance public recognition of researchers and their role in Latvian society.

Project site

EU, Latvia, Rezekne.

Project duration


Responsible person

Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) Public Relations Department


phone: + 371 26656553

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