About Rezekne Academy of Technologies

 Rezekne Academy of Technologies (RTA) is a state founded university type higher education institution with unlimited international accreditation. Its roots go back to 1925 with record sheets starting from 1 August 1925.

 The aim of RTA is to provide academic and professional higher education in compliance with the science development level and cultural traditions of Latvia being competitive in the European education space, developing studies and research in 14 study fields.

 The mission of RTA is to provide an opportunity to achieve academic and professional higher education, do fundamental and applied research in educational science, humanities and arts, social science, information and communication sciences, engineering, manufacturing and construction.

 There are three faculties at RTA: Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Education, Languages, and Design offering more than 50 bachelor`s, master`s, and doctoral study programmes in Latvian and 14 programmes in English.

 RTA also provides studies in Livani and Madona branches.

 Scientific research is carried out in accordance with Law On Scientific Activity and the Statute on scientific activity in RTA approved by RTA Senate. RTA has three scientificinstitutes.

 RTA implements several projects co-financed by the EU programmes involving academic and general staff and students.

 RTA manages several international cooperation projects and national programmes.

 RTA regularly organises local and international conferences.

 Having more than 185 cooperation partners from 31 countries, RTA promotes high mobility of academic staff and students (2nd-3rd place among all higher education institutions of Latvia).

Students from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Finland, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and other countries study at RTA.

 Students of RTA have diverse opportunities to develop their talents and interpersonal skills through student activities that foster co-curricular experience and student empowerment. They can join RTA dance group “Dziga”, drama group “ĶerRA”, or mixed choir “Sonitum”.Students also actively participate in sports activities and in the Student Council realizing various initiatives.

 Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) is a unit of RTAand its goal is to promote lifelong learning ensuring the continuation of previously acquired education and development of education according to the requirements of the labour market and customers` interests. CLL offers foreign partners traineeships and further education programmes in English and Russian.

 To promote excellence, RTA has founded Eastern Latvia Technology High School in 2015. The school provides STEM oriented education.

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